3 Free Apps for Studying Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana of traditional Tarot Decks are often interpreted as representations of the Spectrum of Archetypes (from the collective unconscious). The cards act as a projection tool for us to read a story about a significant archetype in our journey, either ourselves or someone else. Tarot is one of several tools we can use to have clear conversations with our unconscious self. Its also easily accessible in the technological age where there are several apps available that offer lessons and digital tarot cards.

•   •   •

Here are a few of my favorite apps:
(All of these are FREE)


Golden Thread Tarot

The Luminous Spirit Tarot

As well as one Lenormand Card Reading App:
(Lenormand is a complimentary system to Tarot
and the app explains well how to read it)

The Seventh Sphere Lenormand

•   •   •

  • Do you read Tarot Cards?
  • Have you ever learned anything interesting about yourself from reading?
  • Do you have a favorite spread you enjoy reading regularly?

Leave a comment about your experiences with Tarot, good or bad!

May your heart be filled with Love.
May you speak from Love.
May you see a world full of Love.



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