About Me

What brings me here?

  • Have you ever found yourself in a rut with your dating life?
  • Are you feeling unfulfilled with a job you previously loved?
  • Do you struggle with getting a new business or hobby off the ground?
  • Have you wondered if you just not cut out for the pressures you feel?

These are questions that led me to a deep self inquiry
and ultimately to the creation of this blog.

I found that others shared this feeling of being burnt out in an increasingly fast-paced, exhaustion fetishizing and pleasure-based world. I began the journey by asking myself why I feel incompetent or stale or unfulfilled, and more importantly if I really have to continue to feel that way?

About Michelle…

As a teenager I struggled with understanding myself. I gave my power away to people. I hid my power from myself. I eventually found ways to bring my power back through work and school, but at the end of it all I was still left feeling burnt out. It took me 27 years, but I’m finally becoming the Magician I always knew I was.
I believe that magic is the ability to stay adabtable through life and tune into the systems at work to guide our way to our truest self.

I spent most of my twenties pursuing my first Bachelor’s Degree while working full time and switching careers once. At the end found myself burnt out with a job I loved for years before. This wasn’t the first time I accomplished something only to feel unfulfilled. I didn’t have to quit my job (I knew I could find enjoyment if I tried) and start from scratch all over again.
Instead I’m reorganizing my life to make happiness my priority.

My Solution

I use Tarot Card Reading to help recognize parts of my unconscious self that may be asking for attention so I can better create goals that include all parts of my self. I use Astrology Reading to understand the climate of my life: my personality, my predispositions, my tendencies, and even the climate of the world right now. I combine my personal philosophy, tarot reading, astrology studying, and mindful approach with real organizing, creativity building, self-inquiring, bullet-journaling, tarot reading, and astrology studying tips and mentoring.
I’m offering a full mind-body approach to happiness.

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