Modern Magic is Creating a Healing Force in the World.

Understanding our inner, unconscious self and how it interacts with the world is essential to healing ourselves and being a healing force in the world.

Carl Jung developed a theory of a “collective unconscious.” comprised of archetypes. Meaning we have “psychic innate dispositions to experience and represent basic human behavior and specific situations.”  When we recognize ourselves embodying one of these archetypes (or what I call being human)
we can give ourselves permission to experience that feeling and inquire if its essential, useful and beneficial to our journey.
What is this feeling teaching me?

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I wanted to share a few posts I’ve written that recommend using Tarot Card Reading, Astrology Reading and Numerology Reading to tap into our unconscious self.

3 Free Tarot Apps

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Leave a comment about your experiences with Tarot, Astrology and Numerology!

May your heart be filled with Love.
May you speak from Love.
May you see a world full of Love.


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